WLP Podcast Episode 24

This episode Kris plugs some stuff on behalf of BAR-1 and reviews Lit Brick and Mary Elizabeth’s Sock by John Troutman, plus the usual RG News!

Links for plugs:
Furry Weekend Atlanta
Anime Detour
MTAC Omega

Laser Time

the Renaissance Faire Podcast kickstarter

The Consortium of Genius isplaying at the Chewbacchus Ball Saturday, February 18 during Mardi Gras! (And we can’t go ’cause we’re cash-strapped, dammit…)

The upcoming Cream & Sugar TPB is in Diamond’s PREVIEWS catalog RIGHT NOW!! Go to your local comic shop and order it NOW NOW NOW! But if you can’t, you can pre-order it at the adults-only version of the WLP online store (which means more money for both WLP and for Solomon Russell), or at Amazon.com (less money, but we still get a bit of profit and it helps with print costs).

This week’s news:
Government Accounting Office: Save Money, Kill the $1 Bill
(which was not done)

Songs played:

Mythbusters: the Cat Came Back by Cirque du So What?

Everyone Dies (But Me) by the Consortium of Genius

Strip Club Daddy by Paul & Storm

I’ll Tell My Cat by Marc Gunn

Cat Macros by Tom Smith

The WLP Podcast Episode 24

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